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About our Swimming Club

The club offers a fun environment where adults can either swim for leisure or try more
formal swimming lessons without embarrassment, knowing they will have the support of
many of who understand the difficulties that adults face learning to swim.

Even entering the water can sometimes be a challenge for many adults. It is however a
life skill for those who do take that first step. It enables you to take your children or in some
cases grandchildren and all have fun on holidays or water-based activities.

There will no longer be any fear when you walk along a river bank or when you want to take
part in events on the beach or poolside. You will feel more confident in participating in all types
of water sports including messing about in boats or even getting on a ferry.

The added bonus is that swimming is very good for you and helps not only to improve your
health it also maintains general wellbeing.





Our club in action

Inside Aldershot Pools


Aldershot Adult Swimming Club
Member of Rushmoor Swimming Association




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